Who Needs BioRegistra?

Individuals for personal projects, Government, Educational Institutions, Whole and Retail Stores, Telecommunication, FMCG, Financial Institutions, Security Agencies, Real Estate Practitioners, all kinds of Corporate Organizations. Whoever you are and whatever your Identity Management and Data Capture needs are, BioRegistra meets you at your point of need.

What We Offer You

Faster Customer

Fully automated process that ensures seamless execution of all Know-Your-Customer (KYC) business processes.  

Fraudulent Data Capture Prevention

Intelligent quarantine engine designed to detect fraudulent and fictitious records and prevent them from being processed.

Operational Excellence

Elimination of manual processes which minimizes error and operational cost. BioRegistra operates on a pay-as-you-capture scheme.

Customer Identity

Ability to capture and store your KYC details as well as access and view captured data whenever needed.

Increased Business Productivity Growth

State-of-the-art analytics and intelligence which can be extracted from captured data fosters key business decisions and drives sales and business growth.

Ease of Use and Flexibility

Easy set-up and dynamic platform that enables clients define the parameters they want to capture, depending on the nature of their business.



Capture any kind of information (textual, fingerprint, image, etc). Manage all forms and volumes of data.


Data captured is hosted on a world class, secure, reliable and trusted cloud service so you have no reason to worry about information safety.

Data Crisis Prevention

Data automatically backed up and replicated across multiple nodes and regions.

Automatic Software Updates

Up-to-date platform that helps you focus only on growing your business.

All-time Accessibility

BioRegistra is available to you and your data capture agents at any time and from anywhere in the world (with admin access)

High-end Stream Processing Capability

Able to capture and process data at an extremely high capability.

Data Validation

Validation of captured data done before data is saved.

Reports & Analytics

View all captured data or export in editable formats.

Use Cases

BioRegistra was designed with everybody in mind. Its benefits cut across numerous verticals and sectors and we are constantly researching and improving to add more. Read some of our use cases