BioRegistra is a cloud platform that lets you enjoy cheap, flexible and real time online data and biometric capture

Build your forms easily

BioRegistra is flexible. Create your customized forms easily and define the information you will like to capture in minutes  

Capture Biometrics if Required

We don’t just capture basic Biodata, you can also capture he fingerprints and portrait of your customers for KYC and other identification purposes

Data Capture

Ride on our robust system and have the flexibility to define the information relevant to you and how exactly you want them captured

Data Validation

The era of agents capturing chairs, walls as portrait are over. We ensure image and fingerprint quality are validated before they are saved

Reports, Analytics & API

View all your captured data on our BioRegistra portal. You can export these data in editable formats or even retrieve using our set of APIs

Identification & Deduplication

With this feature you can confirm if someone has been previously captured on the system and get all the details available on the person

Use Cases

BioRegistra was designed with everybody in mind. Its benefits cut across numerous verticals and sectors and we are constantly researching and improving to add more. Read some of our use cases

Security Agencies

Learn how Security Services Companies can leverage on BioRegistra to register and identify her outsourced operative staff.

View Use Case

Service Companies

A case study of how ISP companies can use BioRegistra to register and verify her subscribers.

View Case Study

Private Organisations

Learn how corporate Companies in the FMCG sector can leverage on BioRegistra to do product surveys and below-the-line activations.

View Case Study