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 BioRegistra is an identity management and data capture platform with excellent biometric functions that allow individuals and businesses to collect and analyze  all kinds of data.


Design web forms quickly and easily in a user-friendly interface. Set up details of these forms as you deem fit, based on your needs and business requirements


Collect data for your forms as designed by you. Capture data in any form including text, pictures, and fingerprint.


Carry out data analysis using our in-app analytics tool or export your data to other platforms and channels via third party APIs.

Capture With Any Device

Use your personal windows PCs and android smartphones to collect textual and pictorial information. Additional devices may be required, depending on the kind of data you need, these may include: Fingerprint scanners, Webcams.

Or execute all your capture process in one place using, the Seamfix One Tablet.

Know The Source Of Your Data

Easily get the geographical location of where you or your agents capture data. Collect GPS coordinates, as well as representations of this on maps so that you can know the exact source of your data.

Yes, it’s made for You

 BioRegistra is used by individuals, organizations, in industries that need to gather data, using forms and biometrics, to make data driven decisions.

Use data any way

Capture all forms of data and use it in any way you want. Use collected data to make key business decisions, export to platforms of your choice, generate CRM reports to enhance customer relationship, and so much more.

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