Agent Management

Create all your agents centrally from one portal

Create and manage your agents centrally from one location

You can create all your agents that will be responsible for capturing your data For you all from the comfort of the portal accessible anywhere. Also, you can Create as many agents as required for free. This means there is no limit to the Number of agents you can have in your account.

Monitor and control their activities real time

From the portal you can monitor the activities of your agents real-time. You can check how many of your agents are active when last they captured Any data and from what locations. You can also control their privileges when You are no longer comfortable with their activity.

Agent Self-service accounts

BioRegistra has been built to give you control of your agents, at the same Time not denying them their privacy. Your agents manage their basic and personal information like their password, Profile pictures, etc while you manage and control their activities fully on your projects