Nowadays, a lot of business processes require that you Know-Your-Customer. As a result of this, regulatory bodies have set certain requirements for KYC. In their bid to meet these requirements, organizations are often tasked with finding mechanisms that help them to do so. CloudCover was one of such organizations who had to quickly meet a KYC requirement.

CloudCover is a leading provider of mobile data services that run on multiple networks.  Its Mi-Fi devices are built on revolutionary virtual SIM technology, which enable their users to connect to the most reliable network available.

The Need

With the company faced with regulatory requirements from NCC, CloudCover needed to provide a solution that would help achieve the adherence and as quickly as possible. The company’s choices oscillated between building a unique solution for its business or integrating an already existing solution into its business process. Seeing that building a dedicated solution would be more expensive and it would take more time to build one, it meant that they needed to find a data capture solution that would be both affordable and of optimal quality.

Finding BioRegistra

In their search for ease, quality, and affordability, CloudCover found BioRegistra, for which they would begin to use for their customer data capture process and ultimately to meet the pending NCC regulations for all service providers. It was effective in saving them the cost of building a new solution from scratch and offered them all the features they needed to make the process as smooth as possible.

CloudCover’s Journey With BioRegistra So Far…

Following the integration of BioRegistra into its system, CloudCover began to carry out its KYC process digitally and with ease, especially because activating users of their mi-fi devices relied on the successful capture of customers. This activity of data capture became easy because BioRegistra provided the company with a user-friendly interface which all of its agents could easily grasp and use to register customers from different locations.

Another thing that has really made this an exciting experience for CloudCover is the regular updates that occur on the platform, all in a bid to improve process. They would realize that these updates were not only helpful, but also timely, meeting them at the very point of their need.

Overall, BioRegistra has not only helped CloudCover to meet NCC’s KYC requirements, but to also improve its data capture process without compromising cost.


If you’re looking to capture data of your esteemed customers for KYC processes using the best solution available, visit here to view an array of exciting features that will improve your business.