Data Capture

Capture whatever data is relevant to you

Register People and their Biometrics

You can use BioRegistra for your KYC operations. Configure those biodata You will like to capture, and specify how many fingers and images you will Like to capture. Our system is robust and does a quality check for biometrics Data that you capture.

Collect other Forms of Data

You can use BioRegistra to collect other forms of data. Maybe you need to Collect sample data for your project, need to take a survey and get feedback From you customers, or you need to capture those details as you sell your items, BioRegistra lets you capture just about anything.

Capture anytime, anywhere

There are no restrictions to when and where you can capture your data. Download the Android capture app from the Google Playstore or get the Windows capture app installer from our site for free. You can capture your Data whether your device is connected to the internet or not!