We’ve provided quick answers to the most common questions about BioRegistra. Contact support@bioregstra.com if you have more questions

General Questions

Is there a cost for creating an account?

No, Signup is completely free! You can sign up for free and familiarise with the system.

Where can BioRegistra be used?

BioRegistra is accessible anywhere as it is a KAAS offering, meaning it is an online cloud system that can be assessed anywhere. BioRegistra is not only accessible anywhere, it can also be used even in places without Internet access.

What kind of captures can be done using BioRegistra?

You can capture literally anything on BioRegistra. You can capture humans, animals, plant, objects.

Account Usage

After creating an account, what next?

After creating an account, you will need to create your project or projects, after which you will have to create your agents who will responsible for the capture, and then top up your wallet to enable you capture and sync your records to our cloud database.

How many projects can I create in one account?

You can create as many projects as required in one account, all with their different configurations. You should ensure agents have been created and assigned to their respective projects. Also, you can deactivate any project if you don’t want users to be able to capture for that project anymore.

I have finished configuring my project, how do I capture?

Assign your agent to the project in your account by creating them in the Manage User menu. After you have created your agents, top up your wallet with an equivalent amount that will cover your project. After this, you will need to download the BioRegistra Android App from Playstore (if your agents will be capturing using an Android device) or download the Windows Installer from our site. Please read our specifications to be sure the right devices and peripherals are used.

What specifications do I need before I can capture

Our BioRegistra installers (Android and Windows) have minimum specifications before it can be used. Also, if your project involves Biometric capture (fingerprint and image), you will be needing an external fingerprint scanner and external webcam devices. Please read our specification document to know which devices and peripherals are supported.

BioRegistra Charges

Do I need to pay any license, setup fees before I can use BioRegistra?

No, you don’t need to pay any license or setup fees. Signing up is free and you only pay for what you use, and how you use them.

How do I pay for captures?

You will be required to top up your wallet once you are ready to start capturing. You will be charged per capture. To top up your wallet. Go to the Billing menu and click Top Up Wallet. You can pay using your card, a direct Account to Account transfer or using USSD.

What are the different activities I get charged for on BioRegistra?

You get charged for each feature you use on BioRegistra. To see our list of features, check the Pricing menu.


Can I retrieve my data using APIs?

Yes! Apart from seeing and exporting your data from the BioRegistra portal, you can retrieve your captured data using our set of APIs.

How do I integrate to your APIs?

Integrating to our API is very easy. Access our set of APIs here

What is my Project id and Org Id and how can I get it?

Your Project Id (pId) is the unique code that is assigned to each of your projects in your account, while your Organisation Id (OrgId) is unique code assigned to your account. These codes are used during your API integration to our services. To get your pId and OrgId click on the Developer/API menu when signed in.

Do I pay to integrate to your API?

You do not have to pay before you can integrate to our APIs. However you pay an annual Data Storage/API Access fee based on the number of records in your account.