Data Capture & Validation

Capture any form of data you need, including textual, fingerprint, and pictorial information. The validation feature helps you capture clean data by verifying it before it is stored.


Easily get the geographical location of where you or your agents capture data. Collect GPS coordinates, as well as representations of this on maps so that you can know the exact source of your data.


Form Builder

Use this tool to customize your web forms and obtain data however you want it. You can also embed these forms into your websites.


Filter duplicate records using the fingerprint scanning feature, ensuring that data is never replicated across the platform.

Data Analysis

You can use the analytics tool to analyse records captured into the system. The platform allows you to customize and view data analytics depending on the kind of information you want.

Agent Management

You can manage and control the activities of your data capture agents from a central area, anywhere in the world.

API Integration & Data Export

View data reports in its raw form and readable formats, including pdfs and excel spreadsheets, all of which can be integrated into external platforms using straightforward APIs.