BioRegistra works online and offline

Capture on the go. Whether you are in the city recording buildings or in the forest taking tree samples, BioRegistra makes it possible, and easy, to capture anywhere and anytime.

Collect Accurate and Clean Data

BioRegistra provides you with data that is clean and reliable by running your biometrics against our validation engine, before saving it on the platform.

Share Forms Online

Build forms that can be embedded in other web platforms for collecting the details of your users during online transactions.

The Best Rates. Zero Setup Costs

From individuals to businesses, whatever your data capture needs, BioRegistra is relatively cheap.  You only pay per capture. There are also no setup fees required to begin your projects.

Create projects based on your needs

Wouldn’t you prefer a solution you could tweak to accommodate any requirement, change at will, and customize to suit your needs? You can customize BioRegistra to capture only the data that is required by you or your organization.

Data retrieval through seamless third-party integrations

Export your data using our simple set of APIs that third parties can integrate for data retrieval. You can access and export your data from our web portal to popular standard formats like PDF, Excel, CSV. You can also access data data using your online CRM and analytics views.