Why BioRegistra?

Seamless Online Data Capture

We offer the best rates. Zero Setup Cost

Are you a business owner or an individual who needs the best data capture solution with cost in mind? BioRegistra is relatively cheap, here you only pay as you capture. No expensive Integration and Setup fees are required. All you need to do is signup and start capture!

You can use BioRegistra anyhow you want

Wouldn’t you prefer a solution you could tweak to accommodate any requirement, change at will and customize to suit your needs? BioRegistra is not rigid. You can customize and personalize our solution to capture exactly what you what, regardless of the vertical. Now that’s satisfaction!

Can be used online and Offline

Having issues with your current solution as you need to be connected to the internet before you can capture? BioRegistra has all that in check. Whether you are in the city capturing buildings or in the forest taking tree samples, BioRegistra makes it possible to capture anywhere, anytime!

Seamless API Integration for Data Retrieval

Now you have finished capturing, how do you get out your data for your further analysis? Gone are the days of data lying unused in databases. We have a simple set of APIs that third parties can integrate to for data retrieval. Users can also access and export their data from our web portal.

We assure the highest quality and standards

Do you need records that will be compliant by the regulatory bodies? BioRegistra uses the best Biometric technologies around to ensure quality. We assure FBI-standard fingerprint and portrait capture quality, this ensures you never get ‘dirty’ data captured.